11 Years In Prison For Man Who Stole Former DA's Wallet

Prior record earns prison term for wallet thief.

A sneaky theft of a 90-year-old former district attorney's wallet has earned a 24-year old an 11-year prison term.

Redwood City's Andrew Michael Jonke entered former San Mateo County DA Keith Sorenson's home in February in order, he told Sorenson, to retrieve a wayward basketball, according to the Palo Alto Daily News.

Sorenson, who is 90, walked the young man through his home to the backyard. The next day, Sorenson noticed his wallet was missing.

Turns out Jonke was seen on camera using one of Sorenson's credit cards on camera, at one of the five Redwood City businesses he patronized on Sorenson's plastic dime.

He used the credit card at a Safeway, a CVS Pharmacy, a smoke shop, Savers Thrift store, and a skateboard shop.

Jonke pleaded no contest to three felony counts in September, and this week, he was sentenced by a judge to 11 years in prison.

He received the stiff sentence because of a criminal record that includes other burglaries. He also received an automatic penalty enhancement due to California's three-strikes law.

The victim's tenure as DA, which ended with retirement in 1983, was not used as a reason to send Jonke away, according to current DA Steve Wagstaffe.

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