M3.6 Earthquake Strikes in Danville Following Overnight Quake Swarm

At least 16 small earthquakes shook the Bay Area city starting at midnight Friday

A magnitude 3.6 earthquake rattled the Danville area around noon Friday, following a small quake swarm overnight, per the USGS.

Another M2.8 earthquake was reported around the same time in the same area.

At least 14 other small earthquakes shook the East Bay city overnight Thursday into early Friday morning, from 11:39 p.m. PST to 4:21 a.m. PST.

Residents of the East Bay city and beyond took to Twitter to talk about the jolt, which some said could be felt in San Ramon, Concord, Martinez, Livermore and Oakland.

"I live in Walnut Creek, and was awake and trying to convince myself to get out of bed and into the shower when the 5:28 one hit. It felt as if two large tectonic plates were jolting past each other and releasing a moderate amount of pent-up strain just a few miles to the south of me," a commenter on Reddit said.

"The 5:28 one woke me up. Thought my door was locked and like a thief was trying to open my door, it was actually shaking, this is the first time any of these have woken me up. I live pretty close to the epicenter," another Reddit user said.

3.3 at 5:28am

1.7 at 4:21am

1.4 at 4:20am

2.4 at 3:25am

2.8 at 3:24am

2.1 at 3:01am

1.7 at 2:55am

1.8 at 2:49am

2.7 at 2:32am

2.1 at 1:12am

1.6 at 12:33am

The quake swarm comes in the heels of at least 25 small ones over the course of the last week.

Visit our quake page for the latest information on earthquakes in the Bay Area.[[473872593, C]]

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