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Shareef Allman Made 2008 Judge Mathis Appearance



    Shareef Allman Made 2008 Judge Mathis Appearance
    A screen shot of Shareef Allman's 2008 appearance on Judge Mathis.

    The man suspected of shooting and killing three at a South Bay rock quarry let the law have a place in his life long before he allegedly took the law into his own hands.

    Shareef Allmanappeared on the television show "Judge Mathis" in 2008 to settle a contract dispute he had with someone he hired.

    Allman was suing a man for the breach of a $300 contract the two signed. Ricky Citizen agreed to provide Allman with songs for a play he was writing and producing about his life story.

    But Allman complained despite giving the man a cash advanced he had failed to produce one song. At one point when Allman is explaining his background, the celebrity judge says he is proud that Allman does not fit the "stereotype."

    Allman wore an orange suit to court and spoke articulately. He described himself as a motivational speaker that tried to motivate the defendant to pay him his money.

    He joked with the judge and even gave him an autographed copy of his book. You can watch the full clip below.

    Allman was shot and killed be sheriff's deputies Thursday after a long manhunt.