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Star Wars' Darth Vader Becomes the Grinch

The Sith Who Stole Christmas becomes top search item on Yahoo.



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    Darth Vader is not a fan of Christmas, according to a new parody trending on the web.

    George Lucas has never been shy to tweak with his cult class "Star Wars" and sometimes to the dismay of his fans.

    The latest mash up of the Marin County resident's classic sci-fi trilogy might not get his full approval but it has people on the buzz searching.

    A parody of the Darth Vader acting as Dr. Seuss' notorious Grinch was the top trending search item on Yahoo Tuesday morning.

    The three-minute YouTube video, entitled "The Sith Who Stole Christmas," features the evil villain talking about destroying Christmas with the backdrop of Dr. Seuss' famous music.

    Check out the full video for yourself below: