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Playboy and Virgin Galactic Envision the Ultimate Mile-High Club

Men's magazine lays out a plan to create a swinging out of this world club.



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    Playboy has a vision for creating a swinging club in space.

    Okay, we added the bit about the mile-high club. But when you hear that Playboy has put forward a vision for a swingin' private space station in collaboration with Virgin Galactic, the mind does sort of automatically go there doesn't it?

    Here are the facts. The famous adult magazine company founded by Hugh Hefner in 1950s has come up with a bold idea — outlined in the March edition of Playboy Magazine — for an orbiting space station version of their Playboy Bunny Clubs.

    It seems Richard Branson's private space company, Virgin Galactic, inspired the team at Playboy. Pioneering the idea of space tourism with the commercial suborbital spacecraft — SpaceShip Two — Virgin Galactic has already started selling tickets for space flights at $200,000 per seat.

    Subscribing to the theory, "if you build it they will come," the brains over at Playboy figure they better get in on the ground floor of creating a destination for all those space travellers. Playboy consulted with futurist Thomas Frey of the Davini Institute think tank, former NASA scientist Stan Kent and Virgin Galactic head designer Adam Wells for input on their concept for the hedonistic space station.

    The space station involves a classic wheel shaped design that would include a restaurant with wide windows so diners can soak in the out-of-this-world views. It would be attached to the spinning part of the station to induce the gravity that will keep dinner on everyone's plates.

    Entertainment includes a casino where visitors play roulette — in which people are the ball, zero gravity bungee jumping (not sure how that would work), a windowless zero gravity dance club and a private "orbital pleasure dome."

    Perhaps our jokes about the ultimate mile high club aren't so outrageous after all…

    Before we forget, for the purist futurist, no Playboy Club would be complete with out the famous Bunnies. Geeks everywhere can replace their fantasy image of Slave Girl Princess Leia with Playboy Bunnies serving drinks with jetpacks.

    While Virgin Galactic is on the verge of rocket-powered test flights of SpaceShip Two later this year, there is no target date on Playboy's space station concept.

    But really, who could put a target date on a fantasy like this? We're sure just knowing the idea is out there is likely to inspire a new interest in the wonders of space.


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