1,500 Animals Get New Homes During Bay Area Pet Fair

Dozens of animal rescue groups joined forces in Pleasanton this weekend for the eighth annual Bay Area Pet Fair, billed as the biggest pet adoption event in the country.

The fair took place at the Alameda County Fairgrounds and featured dozens of shelters and rescues from around the Bay Area and beyond.

Volunteers from Orphan Dog Rescue brought dozens of adoptable pups down from Lake County, an area that was hit hard by fires this year. Many shelters around that county are overcrowded.

Volunteers say the adoption event is great because people get to take time to find the right pet for their family.

"We end up doing a large number of adoptions, and we end up doing good adoptions because people have a choice, are able to look and see exactly what animal exactly fits them," one volunteer said.

More than 1,500 animals found new homes during the two-day pet fair.

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