2 Santa Clara County Correctional Deputies Arrested: Sheriff’s Office

Two Santa Clara County correctional deputies have been arrested, the sheriff's office announced Friday.

Officials said the arrests are unrelated to an inmate's alleged beating death.

The deputies arrested have been identified by authorities as Ryan Saunders and Mark Navarette.

Saunders was arrested on suspicion of illegally accessing confidential records of people who he had a personal relationship with, according to Sgt. James Jensen.

Navarette was arrested in connection to a workers compensation fraud case. Authorities said Navarette claimed he was injured on the job, but the deputy had been hurt on his personal time, Jensen said.

The new arrests add to a turbulent few weeks in the county and comes days after eight correctional deputies have been put on leave. Three of those deputies also face murder charges in the alleged Aug. 26 beating death of inmate Michael Tyree.

The three deputies charged with the murder of Tyree have been identified as Jereh Lubrin, Rafael Rodriguez and Matthew Farris.

Prosecutors indicated that the three were also involved in texting each other, which showed a pattern of inmate abuse. In one text, Farris allegedly told Rodriguez about his cell block assignment on the sixth floor, where Tyree was housed: "I love 6-A. No camera and no groups. I hope I keep it."

A judge set bail at $1.5 million for Lubrin, Rodriguez and Farris, and two have since posted the money and were released.

A hearing to enter a plea has been scheduled for Oct. 13.

The sheriff has not said why the other five deputies were placed on leave, but sources said some of them are being investigated for potentially inappropriate text messages.

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