20 People Displaced After Walkway Collapses at Oakland Apartment Building

An Oakland apartment building has been red tagged after a walkway collapsed Monday afternoon, possibly a delayed reaction to last week's Piedmont earthquake.

Twenty people have been displaced as a result of the building's condition. Tenants said they first noticed a crack down the middle of the walkway after a magnitude-4.0 earthquake struck in Piedmont.

Tenant Donnel Davis was nearly hit by a 40-foot section of concrete and chicken wire when it came crashing down from a second-story walkway at the apartment building on 31st Street, near Market Street.

"I didn't even get a chance to shut my door before it came crashing down. It hit the knob and my door closed," Davis said. "We couldn't even get out of my house."

Tenants said they have been trying to contact property management to no avail.

"We have been calling them for days," Davis said. "We called property management today, but nobody in this apartment has heard from them."

A management spokeswoman said she is grateful no one was injured and is horrified that the walkway collapsed. She said the first she heard of the apparent earthquake damage was Monday morning.

"A person came in with pictures to show us and we immediately called a contractor to come out and take a look at it," said Karen Marquardt of Marquardt Property Management.

Tenants said they have received housing vouchers from the Red Cross. The management company said it hopes to have repairs underway shortly.

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