200 Sick Dogs Will Be Quarantined at Warehouse for 4-6 Weeks in Oakland

Two-hundred dogs sick with canine flu are moving to an Oakland warehouse where they will be quarantined for four to six weeks, according the Oakland shelter.

Oakland Animal Services and the East Bay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will pool their infected dogs and transport them to a warehouse in Oakland early next week, according to Oakland Animal Services director Rebecca Katz.

"All 110 of our dogs were exposed to the virus, and about two-thirds are currently sick," said Katz.

The warehouse, which has never housed animals before, was cleaned and 5 foot by 10 foot kennels were placed. Play areas were designated to make dogs feel more comfortable, said Mike Murray of Pet Food Express.

Pet Food Express donated bowls and leashes, and has started an emergency food drive to reduce costs for Oakland Animal Services, who are dealing with an increased workload, the California retail chain wrote in a Friday news release.

Pet Food Express and NutriSource will each match every person's $15 donation of NutriSource dog food, according to the retailer.

Oakland Animal Services first confirmed an outbreak of dog flu at their facility June 21. At the time, Katz said 55 of their dogs were showing symptoms.

Since then, the shelter has partnered with Berkeley Animal Care Services, located in Aquatic Park, and Berkeley Humane who have agreed to accept dogs dropped-off in Oakland, Katz said.

Pet Food Express advised dog owners to vaccinate their pets and keep them away from communal water bowls.

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