2013 NL MVP and Cy Young Odds: Giants Are Longshots

Taking a look at the 2013 National League MVP and Cy Young odds, we find that the Giants are surprising long shots.

You'd think that, coming off a World Series victory and basically keeping the team intact, there would be several Giants in the heavy running for some of the major National League awards this year.

But you'd be wrong, because looking at the favorites for the 2013 National League MVP and Cy Young odds at Bovada.lv, we find that the Giants are being a little disrespected.

Now sure, there are several Giants players listed. But given that a) Buster Posey won the NL MVP in 2012, b) Matt Cain was deep in the NL Cy Young running in 2012 and again c) the Giants won the World Series and are a good bet to make another run this year, it's surprising how low their respective odds are.

For instance, Posey checks in at 12/1 to win the NL MVP again in 2013. That's not "high" per se, but there are four guys ahead of him and he's the reigning MVP. Joey Votto is the leader at 15/2, Ryan Braun checks in at 9/1 and the combo of Bryce Harper/Matt Kemp are 10/1. No offense to Harper, but those are clown odds, bro.

Posey, for the record, opened up at 25/1 last year. So he's pretty good value even though voters hate giving awards to guys in back-to-back years.

The only other guy on the list for San Francisco is, surprisingly, Hunter Pence, who checks in at 33/1. It's weird not having Pablo Sandoval on there -- with no more hamate bones to break, I could see him as a sleeper to blow up this year.

Cy Young-wise, the Giants are getting about the same love. Matt Cain has 12/1 odds, the fifth-best number in the National League behind Stephen Strasburg (11/2), Clayton Kershaw (6/1), Gio Gonzalez (10/1) and Cole Hamels (10/1).

Tim Lincecum also made the list at 25/1 ... which is the same odds as Ryan Vogelsong. Which is totally just ... something.

The best bet on the entire list might come from San Francisco: Madison Bumgarner is 33/1 to win the Cy Young. I love those odds as it's just way too low.

In general, I shouldn't say the Giants are "longshots." But it's clear that no one's expecting the Giants to have a ridiculous individual performance in 2013 and it's possible that people are undervaluing San Francisco this year. Once again.

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