24 Hour Comic Book Day in the Mission

"24 Hour Comic Book Day" happened a little early at Mission Comics and Art


In 2004, Nat Gertler organized the first "24 Hour Comic Book Day."

The idea was to challenge comic book enthusiasts, writers, and artists to create their very own 24 page comic book in the span of 24 consecutive hours. 

The worldwide event will take place on October 1, but Mission Comics and Art (3520 20th Street) decided to do it a week early.

At 11 a.m. Saturday, pens, pencils, and virtual drawing tools hit the canvas and several locals began work on their books.

Some used pencil, some used ink, and one man, Stan Heller, strapped on his red and blue 3D glasses to get to work on his laptop creating a piece that would jump off the pages.

Cartoonists are not supposed to have any sketches, designs, or plot summaries before hand for the event, so as to make it all that much more challenging. 

Everyone worked out all night, and for the most part finished before the deadline at 11 a.m. Sunday. 

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