300-Pound Bronze Statue of Cal Crew Coach Carrol ‘Ky' Ebright Missing

Someone could be trying to hide — or sell — a 300-pound bronze statue of a 20th century California crew coach.

University of California police said the life-size statue of UC Berkeley Crew Coach Carrol "Ky" Ebright, valued at $80,000,  was reported missing from the campus boathouse on Glascock Street on Jan. 12.

Ebright coached Cal crew teams to earn three Olympic gold medals and multiple other championships between 1924 and 1959. He was inducted into the United States Rowing Hall of Fame in 1956.

According to friend and interviewer Arthur Arlett, Ebright was small in stature, befitting a coxswain, and was affectionately nicknamed "The Little Admiral." He died in Berkeley at the age of 85.

Police hope whoever knows something about the statue's whereabouts will help return it, as the bronze replica has "significant symbolic and sentimental value."

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