$3.5 Million in Unclaimed Property Tax Money Could Be Yours

More than $3.5 million of property tax is sitting unclaimed, according to the Santa Clara Department of Tax and Collections.

Approximately 4,900 taxpayers are potential owners of the chunk of unclaimed property tax money on deposit with the Santa Clara county, DTAC announced Tuesday, but they must file their claims by Feb. 28.

"We make every effort to refund the rightful owners of the unclaimed property tax money,” said Director of the DTAC, Margaret Olaiya. "We encourage taxpayers to file a claim if they believe that they may be due a refund based on their published names."

Those who think they have unclaimed money should look at the county’s list here. The list will be public until Jan. 22.

Any money still left unclaimed by the end of February will be transferred to the county’s general fund.

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