3D TVs Get Another Chance at CES

3D technology marketers give CES another try.

Thousands of techies and those who write about them are packing their bags for Vegas this week for the annual Consumer Electronics Show which begins Thursday.

The tablet is predicted to be king of the runway this year and it doesn't matter at all that Apple is not part of the convention.

Something that's expected to play a lessor role, but still be part of nearly every display area is the 3D television

Last year 3D TV got a much louder CES buzz. Who didn't sport a pair of 3D glasses and give it a try?  

While some, like our own Scott McGrew, says "3D is dead" that is not stopping makers like Samsung and Panasonic from giving it another go. 

CNET got a preview of some of the products that will be on display and says the 2011 3D TVs have taken a big dip in price and will now be offered by just about every maker as a "midtier" TV instead of something only the wealthy could afford.

CNET says the main reason for the reduction in cost is that the manufacturers have figured out how to build in the technology as a standard to the television and instead shifted the high costs over to the glasses themselves.

The glasses will also be an often-featured item at CES. Each maker has their own specs and no, they won't work outside the brand.

There are a couple terms you will need to know about 3D glasses. "Active 3D" means the 3D glasses work by bouncing an image back and forth between the two lenses in fast succession. This is supposed to give you a better picture.  "Passive 3D" glasses don't have active shutter capability so you look through both lenses equally.  This causes the resolution of the picture to be cut in half and some would tell you it isn't full HD.

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