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49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh Has a Raven for a Son

Coach's kid plays for the other team



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    How many Harbaughs are too many?

    There's Jim, there's John.

    And now there's Jay. And the Ravens have him.

    49ers coach Jim Harbaugh's oldest son, Jay, worked for the Niners in 2011 as a coaching intern -- and this year, he's on the other sideline, on brother Jim Harbaugh's Baltimore Ravens squad, who faces off against the 49ers on Sunday.

    "He's far better than we've anticipated, and I knew he would be great at what he does,'' John said.

    Jim Harbaugh said that he thought Jay might just be the thing that gives the Ravens an edge.

    There's family competition, of course: John said during an NFL news conference Friday that he's proud of his son but they're not comparing notes.

    And son says he has no compunction about doing what he can to defeat his father's team.

    Super Bowl tradition dictates that the coaches meet with the media separately two days before the Super Bowl. That custom was altered Friday because, after all, two brothers have never before coached against each other in the Super Bowl.

    At their joint news conference Friday, someone asked the brothers if they would consider teaming up if either should be forced out of his current post.
    "No question about it,'' John said. ``We've had that conversation in the past. It just never really worked out timing-wise. I'd love to work for Jim. It would be the greatest thing in the world.''

    Jim, coach of the San Francisco 49ers, said, "Definitely, I would work for him.''
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