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49ers Are the Hottest Ticket in the League

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    49ers tickets are as hot as they come.

    If ticket prices were any indicator, Candlestick Park is the place to be this weekend.

    A report by Bloomberg shows that tickets for the San Francisco 49ers clash with the New York Giants are selling for a higher average ticket price than the AFC Championship being played in New England.

    Tickets for the NFC Championship are selling for an average price of $650, with tickets ranging from $308 to $2,750.

    By comparison, tickets for the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots are going for between $209 to $1,443.

    And the game is expected to be filled mostly by 49ers fans. The report says about 70 percent of the tickets purchased were bought in California while about 12 percent have come from the New York and New Jersey area.