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49ers Petitioned to Make "It Gets Better Video" -- 7,000 Sign On



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    San Francisco Giants
    A scene from the SF Giants' It Gets Better video. The 49ers are being asked to make one, too.

    A growing number of Bay Area residents are asking the San Francisco 49ers to make an encouraging anti-bullying video for LGBT youth.

    Led by SF resident Sean Chapin -- a native San Franciscan and longtime Niners fan, who recorded a video for the occasion -- some 7,000 people have signed onto a petition on Change.org, asking the football team to follow the San Francisco Giants' lead and make a video of their own.

    Thus far, the team has not responded officially, telling a Change.org official that the 49ers "would probably make one" if they "received an official request," according to Bay City News.

    Though what an "official" request would constitute is unknown: Chapin was the individual who petitioned the Giants to make a video, which spurned seven more Major League Baseball teams to make their own.

    The 49ers would be the first NFL team to make one of the videos, which encourage LGBT youth to stay strong against bullying and homophobia.

    The "It Gets Better" campaign was begun by syndicated columnist Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller, after a string of teen gay suicides.