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49ers War Room Goes Prime Time



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    Jim Harbaugh will get plenty of national camera time this weekend when the NFL Network's cameras invade the 49ers' draft war room.

    Hankering for some football? 49ers fans might be in luck when the the first day of Draftmas starts this Thursday.

    The inner workings and conversations of Jim Harbaugh, Trent Baalke and the entire San Francisco 49ers' war room will have a camera from the NFL Network during the annual NFL Draft, which starts on Thursday.

    The 49ers are one of six teams -- all in the top 10 -- who will have an NFL Network camera in their draft rooms. ESPN in turn is toning down its draft coverage this year.
    Of course teams keep actual conversations and actual draft boards well out of the camera's eye but the presence of an NFL Network crew means the 49ers will get plenty of national air time and even more time will be focused on their picks than other teams.

    This is a crucial draft for San Francisco. In desperate need of a quarterback, the team's new head coach holds a pivotal pick at No. 7 that some same may be the most sought after slot in the draft if certain players slip.

    If either quarterback Blaine Gabbert or cornerback Patrick Peterson find their way to San Francisco's pick, the 49ers' war room could be fielding a lot of calls wanting to trade.

    If so, the NFL Network's cameras will be there to capture everything -- after it happens of course.