49ers Harbaugh ‘Inspired' by Giants

The Giants dominated the Tigers in the World Series, sweeping Detroit 4-0. But that sweep was a far cry from how they won the National League Divisional Series and National League Championship Series.

In both those series, the Giants rallied in the face of elimination. That play, along with the way they shocked everyone by hammering Detroit, has given "a lot of inspiration" to 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and their football-playing fellow San Francisco athletes.

"All of our guys were watching Game 4," Harbaugh said Tuesday. "The team has really gained a lot of inspiration from what the Giants have done. The team that won't be divided, stays together, fights for each other -- that one team is the champions."

It's hard not to be inspired by the Giants. No one really believed in them, even so when they were leading in the World Series. They were constantly counted out and still managed to band together during their run and win the title.

"The thing that really stuck out to me was just what a strong team they were," Harbaugh said. "What a great morale they had. A lot of talented players, great coaching, great managing. It was phenomenal.

"Just as a fan watching it, I'm very inspired by it."

The Niners are a similar team to the Giants, oddly. Not much offense, a maligned superstar who's gone through different phases of his career, very good defense and almost always underrated.

But that won't be the case if Harbaugh can inspire his team to pull of a performance similar to their baseball brethren.

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