49ers Stand Firm in Levi’s Stadium Dispute With Santa Clara

City Council votes to give the team 30 days to turn over copies of the financial documents requested

In the dispute between the city of Santa Clara and the San Francisco 49ers' Levi's Stadium financials, the team stood firm Tuesday, and the city countered with an ultimatum.

49ers team president Al Guido said he will not provide the city copies of financial documents related to non-NFL events. He is, however, willing to let the city view the documents.

Guido said the documents contain proprietary information that would become public if they provided copies to the city. That information going public, he said, could compromise future concert deals.

"The (concert) promoter wants to keep that private," Guido said. "(City officials) don't for the citizens of Santa Clara."

The City Council responded by voting Tuesday night to give the 49ers 30 days to comply with the copies requested by the city.

"We can keep personnel matters from being released to the public," Mayor Lisa Gillmor said.

The city and taxpayers are concerned that expenses such as resodding the field after a concert were being charged to taxpayers. Guido later indicated some details in the documents may need to be blocked out.

“Maybe we can redact some information," he said. "We’ll sit down with the mayor and see what can be worked out."

The city originally gave the team until Tuesday night to provide the documents, and Gillmor had said if the team fails to do so, the city would begin a process of taking over control of the billion-dollar stadium.

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