49ers Tickets Become a Tough Sell For Season Ticket Holders

As the San Francisco 49ers work hard to prepare for their next big game against The Green Bay Packers, some football fans have lost faith in the team and are working hard to unload their season tickets.

Rumors that the team has been struggling off and on the field have made some season ticket holders regret buying their expensive seats. Though the team scored a home opener victory against the Minnesota Vikings on Sept. 14, some fans would rather sell their tickets than see the current team play – but they’re finding that a prime 49ers ticket isn’t worth as much as it once was.

“I’ll be lucky if I can get face value,” Christina Hosseini, a season ticket holder, said. The tickets retail for about $150, but in previous years they have been known to go for much higher rates.
Bruce Ventura, another season ticket holder, says he used to be able to sell tickets for around $400 each.

Aside from issues within the team and its management, some fans have said that the switch to online tickets has also caused their once-hot commodities to depreciate in value.

“They should bring back the hard ticket,” Hosseini said. The older, card-stock tickets were often kept as souviners and keepsakes, and the online print-outs don’t have the same appeal, some fans have said.

The team’s management, however, denies claims that the online tickets have made some fans unhappy. Representatives from the team said that out of approximately 20,000 season ticket accounts, only 100 have asked for a return to printed tickets.

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