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5 South Bay Suspects Arrested in Human Trafficking Case

4 men and 1 woman are accused of kidnapping an 18-year-old and attempting to force her into prostitution



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    From left, Ibrahim Binhajjyahyaabdulmalik, Ana Ceja, Jerry Landers, Abubakr Horrington, and Khalid Binhajjyahyaabdulmalik.

    Two San Jose residents and three others from Gilroy were arrested  Friday in connection with the rape and kidnapping of a woman they allegedly  tried to force into prostitution in Riverside County in Southern California,  authorities said.   

    The suspects were arrested in Moreno Valley on suspicion of human  trafficking, abduction for prostitution, false imprisonment, kidnapping for  sexual assault and attempted pimping and pandering, according to the  Riverside County Sheriff's Department.   

    Ibrahim Binhajjyahyaabdulmalik, 25, and Ana Ceja, 20, of San Jose,  and Gilroy residents Khalid Binhajjyahyaabdulmalik, 23, Abubakr Horrington,  32, and Jerry Landers, 21, were arrested after the 18-year-old victim freed  herself and contacted Moreno Valley police, sheriff's deputies said.   

    The sheriff's department is investigating whether the suspects had  been answering sex-for-hire postings on Craigslist and elsewhere in order to  abduct people to force them into prostitution, Riverside County sheriff's  Deputy Alberto Martinez said.   

    At about 4:45 p.m. Friday, Moreno Valley police responded to a  report about a disturbance at a hotel in the city, deputies said.   

    The woman said she had been kidnapped in Compton in Los Angeles  County on Thursday by four men and a woman at the point of a black  semi-automatic handgun, deputies said.

    The victim directed police to the suspects' location at the hotel  and as officers approached, the suspects tried to drive away in a car but  were stopped without incident, deputies said.   

    Moreno Valley police then contacted the sheriff's department's  Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, which took over the investigation,  deputies said.    

    The woman told deputies that after the kidnapping, two of the five  suspects sexually assaulted her at an undisclosed location.   

    They then told her she would be forced to have sex for money,  deputies said.   

    The suspects rented a room at the hotel in Moreno Valley where  they allegedly intended to force her to commit prostitution, deputies said.   

    When the victim noticed that the suspects were distracted, she  escaped and notified police, according to the sheriff's office.