Marathon Raises Money for SJ Car Crash Victim

Three years and many hospital stays have passed since a San Jose girl's  life-changing car accident on her way to church. But her family still hopes for her full recovery, according to website dedicated to detailing Jessica Huse's recovery.

The parents, Don and Lisa Huse, are collaborating with the International Brain Research Foundation to present "Emerge," the third annual 5 kilometer run to raise $100,000 to help pay for medical expenses on July 28 at Almaden Lake in San Jose, according to her recovery website.

On Aug. 2, 2009, college-bound Jessica, was on her way to church when her VW Beetle was hit by an oncoming car. She suffered a traumatic brain injury that left her in a vegetative state, from which she is slowly recovering.

Although divorced, her parents both quit their jobs in order to take care of their daughter round the clock, and although the family has insurance it does not cover waking procedures nor does it cover the regular physical, occupational or speech therapy that assist in keeping Jessica's body in working order.

In May of 2011, Jessica underwent seven months of waking treatment that allowed to begin communicating with her family using "yes or no" buttons.

Although they have had many successful fundraisers prior to this, the expenses have continued to add up especially after Medi Cal stopped covering physical therapy and nighttime caretaker fees when Jessica turned 21.

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