Tip 1: The Bump-N-Run

Do you find success on the fairway, but struggle on the green? Read the green with ease using Mariah Stackhouse's go-to putting strategy.

Tip 2: Rock Your Shoulders

Trouble on the green? Let these pros teach you how it's done with 6 quick tips - free!

Tip 3: Take a Wide Stance

Many people are intimidated by their drivers, but Mariah Stackhouse has pointers to keep you confident and calm as you own your long distance shots.

Tip 4: Accelerate into the Ball

Hazards throughout the golf course lead to tricky situations. Next time you're stuck in a bunker, follow Brandon Harkins' advice about utilizing the wedge and trusting your momentum as you make contact with the ball.

Tip 5: Putting Drills

They say practice makes perfect, and this is the practice drill that will make your putting game perfect.

Tip 6: Shift Your Focus

Wish you could navigate the course more fluently? Chipping is a simple way to boost your game, and it requires focus beyond the ball.

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