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$7 Golden Gate Bridge Toll Could Be Approved Friday

Higher tolls needed to cover bridge's bills; could be in effect by April.



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    $7 tolls could be in effect as soon as April.

    The toll is too darn low to keep the Golden Gate Bridge flow.

    Under a plan to close the bridge's $142 million five-year budget deficit, drivers heading to San Francisco from Marin would see their tolls roll up to as much as $7, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    FasTrak drivers' tolls would increase from $5 to $6, while drivers who receive a bill in the mail -- after their license plates are photographed by the bridge's automatic toll-taking system -- would pay $7, the newspaper reported.

    Tolls would hit $8 for a one-way ticket to the city by 2018.

    The bridge needs money and lots of it: there are $1.4 billion in "capital improvements" to pay for, the newspaper reported. The bridge tolls also pay for the buses and ferries that reduce traffic.

    The bridge district also covered part of the bill for the Doyle Drive rebuild.

    The $7 toll plan could be approved as soon as Friday.