7 Non-Apple Gifts for Apple-Lovers


This is the most useful gift guide you'll read all season. Why? Because it's all about gifts for Apple-lovers and just about everybody's an Apple-lover (except for those Android bastards).

You can't just get an Apple fan an iPod or an iPad for a gift; they've already got those. An iPhone case? Please. No, if you're going to surprise and delight the Apple fan on your list you're going to need to think creatively. Or else, you know, just buy one of these seven suggestions.

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1. Tivoli Connector

No company comes closer to matching the Apple aesthetic than Tivoli, which is part of the reason why its new audio dock, The Connector, is an ideal gift for the iPhone or iPod user on your list. This dock is simple, minimal, and elegant as hell. The other reason to get it is because it delivers Tivoli's uncompromising audio quality and will make your recipient's MP3s and AACs sound better than ever. It works with any radio with a standard audio port, and comes with a slim remote control. It's shown here with Tivoli's Model 10 radio.

Price: $124.99


2. Creative ZiiSound D5 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

While there are a lot of one-piece speaker systems out there that let the you dock your iPhone or iPod, this Bluetooth system from Creative is better because it lets you keep your player right in your hand. It uses Bluetooth to wirelessly stream your music up to 30 feet. Plug the included transmitter into your iPod or iPhone and it becomes a full remote, so you can control playback and volume. That all wouldn't mean much if this system sounded crappy, but it's loud and clear with deep bass.

Price: $249.99


3. North Face ETIP Gloves

There are a lot of gloves on the market this year that let people use their touch screen devices without getting their hands cold. However, nearly all of them look like somebody's grandmother knitted them and forgot to finish two fingers. The hottest touch screen glove we've seen is the ETIP, from The North Face. These are sleek and sexy, and the thumb and pointer finger of both hands are made of special material that works with touch screens. They come in three colors and five sizes, but you'd better hurry because the smaller sizes are already selling out.

Price: $40


4. Adidas Sennheiser HD 25-1-2 Headphone

First Adidas and Sennheiser paired up to create a line of sweatproof workout headphones. Then, they carried the relationship one step further and created this amazing pair of DJ headphones. We're in love with the styling, the colors, and rich, full sound they produce. Everyone knows the white earbuds that come with iPhones and iPods are crap. Treat your Apple fan to an audio upgrade with these ridiculously attractive headphones.

Price: $250


5. Zagg ZaggMate with Keyboard

Is the iPad a tool or is it a toy? While a lot of people buy it instead of buying a notebook, it isn't really made for serious work — unless you've got this handy case and keyboard combo to go with it. When you're carrying your iPad, the ZaggMate protects it with a hard aluminum shell. But when you're ready to start doing some real work, the ZaggMate is also there with a comfy compact keyboard. It works via Bluetooth, so there are no cables to connect.

Price: $99.99


6. Cocoon Gramercy CGB150 Messenger Sling

This messenger bag can hold anything, but it has a soft spot for Apple gadgets. It's just the right size for an iPad, and it comes with an external easy-access pocket for an iPod or iPhone. Inside you'll find an organization system that uses rubberized woven elastic to keep gadgets in place. It's perfect for super-organized Apple fans on-the-go.

Price: $29.99


7. Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550

Any notebook, even a beautifully slim MacBook Air, can get uncomfortable if you have it sitting directly on your lap for too long. If you're going to get a lapdesk, get one that goes way beyond simply keeping your legs cool. The N550 from Logitech connects to any notebook with a USB cable to power its built-in fans and speakers. So while you're sitting in comfort your movies or music will sound nice and loud.

Price: $59.99

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