$750 Buys Fake Girlfriend on Facebook

For $750, a service will give someone the appearance of having a girlfriend complete with lovey Facebook updates, texts and voicemails.

The website, Fake Internet Girlfriend, seems to be taking a page from "Catfish" and offering lonely guys a way to seem normal, reliable or desirable. From the site: 

Sometimes people need to rent a fake girlfriend for their job.  Some employers are biased towards single folks. Often times employers give preference to people in more serious relationships so it can benefit a person to have a fake online girlfriend they can say they are in a long distance relationship with. . . .  Sometimes people hire a fake internet girlfriend to make an ex-girlfriend jealous. In fact, we get a lot of clients for this reason.
Other cited reasons are nagging families and keeping one's real personal life secret. Our favorite line, "Have you gotten yourself in a situation where you need to come up with a girlfriend and fast?  Then you have come to the right place!"  
The cost to rent an online girlfriend is $250 a month, but a three-month commitment is necessary, meaning a client would have to fork over a $750 investment. The fake girlfriend will show up on Facebook, Twitter or even World of Warcraft and call you soppy nicknames, appear jealous or ask when you are coming over.
We live in a world that is increasingly more dependent on the appearances of things, so a fake Internet girlfriend will fit right in and likely fool several people. So, now what about the Fake Internet Boyfriend?
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