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8 Bears Killed Around Tahoe



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    Taking a morning break on the trail to Cascade Falls. This image is looking east over Cascade Lake and then Lake Tahoe. 9am Thurs.

    The heavy snow and lingering winter conditions in the Sierra are forcing black bears into the valleys around Lake Tahoe, where an unusually high number of them have had to be put to death in recent weeks.

    Nevada Department of Wildlife biologist Carl Lackey said they've already killed eight bears this spring compared to a typical death toll of just one or two by this time.Unlocked food or trash is mostly to blame.

    Hot spots are centered near South Lake Tahoe, Tahoma and Highway 89 near the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow ski resorts.Officials for the BEAR League said they've never seen so many newborn bears.

    They typically are not spotted out of hibernation until May or June, but this year they started showing up in March.