Heartwarming Moment: 8-Year-Old Gives Homeless Man Her Dinner

An 8-year-old did something dozens across social media are calling "amazing" after she noticed a homeless man sitting outside the window of a restaurant and asked a simple question:

"Daddy, can I give him my dinner?"

The encounter was captured on cellphone video that has since gone viral of the Aug. 31 interaction at Monterey, California restaurant Lallapalooza.

Ella Scott saw the man sitting outside on the bench.

Her father, Eddie, asked if she thought the man had a place to live.

Ella said no, and then asked if she could give the man her dinner.

He father recorded Ella when she got up, carried her dinner outside, and offered it to the man.

The man accepts, and Eddie can be heard saying, "That's my girl."

The Facebook video was shared nearly 18,000 times.

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