$875 Coffee Maker Among Mayor's Wedding Gifts

Newsom and Siebel netted three coffee makers starting at $875

If Maryon Davies Lewis's wedding gift to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and his new wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom is any indication, she has more faith that this union will last than Newsom's last marriage.

Davies Lewis, the daughter of San Francisco Symphony Hall namesake Louise Davies, spent $16,000 on a party for the newlyweds.

When Newsom married his previous wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Davies Lewis spent a mere $6,700.

And that five-figure party is just one of the revelations from the report on gifts from wealthy friends that Newsom had to file as part of public finance disclosure laws.

For instance, local financier Charles Schwab outdid Davies Lewis with a $23,000 party.

The Newsoms also received three coffee pots, ranging from $875 to $1,220.

Former State Senator John Burton, famous for his profanity-laced tirades to the press, gave the couple a Crock Pot. He told the San Francisco Chronicle it was the ultimate practical gift, but considering the cranky pol's past, it sounds like a passive-aggressive jab.

Also in the passive aggressive department, the number and quality of picture frames given the couple seem to be either a nod to their movie star looks -- or borderline narcissistic personality disorder.

Jackson West hopes that the gift givers remembered Newsom's public urging locals to Shop SF.

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