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911 Tapes Released in Cupertino Shooting

911 calls show subdued calm inside room where shooting took place.



    911 Tapes Released in Cupertino Shooting
    Authorities say a disgruntled employee opened fire at a meeting at a quarry owned by the Lehigh Southwest Cement Company in Cupertino.

    The Santa Clara County Sheriff's office released 911 tapes from the morning of a mass shooting at a Cupertino rock quarry on Oct. 5. 

    The first call was made to 911 at 4:27 a.m. from the control room at the quarry. Minutes later, a call came from inside the room where the shooting occurred.

    In it, the caller names the shooter in the first minutes after the massacre. "We were having a safety meeting and one guy went postal." The caller went on to say it was Shareef Allman.

    Later, the 911 operator suggested they try to find something to put pressure on the wounds of the victims. 

    "There's no cloth that's going to stop what's going on here," the worker replied. "Have you ever seen a massacre? That's what it looks like here."

    Below is the audio of one of the calls.

    In the end, three Lehigh Southwest Cement Plant workers were killed and another six were injured.

    Investigators said as those calls were being made, Allman fled the quarry.  

    He later shot a woman at a nearby HP parking lot while trying to steal her car. She survived the attack.
    Allman somehow evaded an intense search of the area for the next 27 hours. The following morning he killed himself when police confronted him.

    Below is the 911call to report the carjacking at the HP parking lot.