99 Bay Area School Districts Say They Conduct Active Shooter Drills

Ninety-nine schools districts in the Bay Area conduct active shooter drills, according to data collected by the California Bureau of State Audits.

The survey was conducted as part of the agency's 2017 School Violence Prevention Report released in August of last year. Data obtained by NBC Bay Area’s Investigative

Unit, shows 104 of the 165 school districts in the Bay Area participated in the survey.

The report suggests the number of active shooter threats and incidents in and around California public schools has increased since academic year 2012–13. While schools are required to have comprehensive school safety plans, state law does not require schools to include procedures for responding to active shooter events, like active shooter drills.

Auditors found many California schools fail to have an active shooter plan in place and may be unprepared for potential campus gun violence. The audit included best practice recommendations for both state and local education agencies, including the California Department of Education.

The California Department of Education did not respond to our request for information about progress it has made supporting school districts in this effort.

When asked whether schools in their district/county conduct active shooter drills the following respondents indicated yes:

  • Districts of Solano County Office of Education
  • Districts of San Mateo County Office of Education
  • Districts of Sonoma County Office of Education
  • Districts of Contra Costa County Office of Education
  • Districts of San Francisco County Office of Education
  • Milpitas Unified School District
  • Moreland School District
  • Luther Burbank School District
  • Howell Mountain Elementary School District
  • Ross Valley Elementary School District
  • Tamalpais Union High School District
  • Reed Union Elementary School District
  • Dixie Elementary School District

Source: A survey by the California State Auditor sent to 983 districts and county offices conducted from March to April 2017.

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