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A Frog Could be the Answer to 49ers' QB Troubles



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    Peter King things Andy Dalton could be the answer at quarterback the 49ers are looking for.

    While Jim Harbaughis busy evaluating tight ends, amongst other things, self-proclaimed draft gurus are busy pondering what quarterback might in the San Francisco 49ers' future.

    With the NFL lockout showing no signs of coming to a graceful end before next month's college draft, it goes without saying that the 49ers will draft at least one quarterback. If not two, if you believe Matt Maiocco and his impeccable record.

    But who will those quarterbacks be? Most mock drafts have the 49ers going with a defensive player with the team's No. 7 pick in the first round.

    The conventional wisdom is only confirmed when the Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows reported that cornerback Patrick Peterson will be visiting the team in Santa Clara. He also is reporting that Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett will be visiting the team.

    If the 49ers go with a defensive player in the first round, who will the team look at in round two?

    The team has already worked out Nevada's Kolin Kaepernick and sent a scout to watch Christian Ponder's pro day in Florida.

    But one veteran reporter thinks that TCU's Andy Dalton won't get past the 49ers at No. 45 overall in the second round.

    Sports Illustrated's Peter King thinks Dalton and his quick decision making would be a perfect pick for the 49ers and he says that the TCU player might be the most NFL ready quarterback in the draft.

    Dalton even thinks he would be a good fit for Harbaugh's take on the West Coast offense coming to San Francisco.

    "My skills would translate,'' he told King. "I've made a lot of throws on the run. I've got a quick release on the run. I can make decisions in that offense that you'd need to make.''

    His best trait could be his accuracy, something that Harbaugh values. Dalton completed 64-percent of his passes last season at TCU.