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A MacGyver’s Guide To Quake Survival

5 things you didn't know you needed in your earthquake survival kit



    A MacGyver’s Guide To Quake Survival
    Everyone's been all a-twitter about a possible movie version of MacGyver, the TV series starring Richard Dean Anderson as a master of mechanical improv -- but what about a movie version of the 1986 TV series The Wizard?

    Everyone knows about the basics needed to build an earthquake survival kit. Water, food, medicines and baby supplies are obvious items but here are some essentials you might not realize you need to help get by after a quake:

    1. A Deck of 52: No, it's not because disaster is the perfect time for a game of 52-card pickup or Poker with your fellow displaced neighbors. Playing cards and duct tape can splint any broke or hurt fingers. Many people hurt their digits digging through rubble without gloves after Loma Prieta. You can also drop the cards like bread crumbs to mark your search trail.

    2. Kitty Litter: Water will most likely be out for a few days after a big shaker. Drop a trash bag into your toilet, fill it with cat litter and you’ve got yourself a temporary toilet.

    3. Listerine: Antiseptic mouthwash can be used to clean teeth (obvious) and can also be applied to cuts and used in a sponge bath.

    4. Maxi-pads: Dip a maxi-pad in petroleum jelly and light it up. It's said to generate enough heat to boil water. Duct tape and pads can also be used as a compress to help stop bleeding from an injury.

    5. Keep a pry bar, fire extinguisher and shoes under your bed. The bar will open any jammed doors, the extinguisher will keep small fires from growing and the shoes will let you get out and about to assess damage.

    Add these to your earthquake survival kit and you'll help increase your chances of survival.