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A Slap on the Wrist for 19-Time DUI Offender



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    That guy giving you arresting you for drunk driving is not just another party goer in an Eric Estrada costume.

    Watch out when you're driving through Santa Rosa. The driver next to you may have over a dozen DUI convictions.

    William Ryland Beall was initially free to go after his 19th conviction for drunk driving, but was later sentenced to jail time this week after violating probation by possessing alcohol in his home.

    He could be back out in 18 months, according to the Press Democrat.

    Beall spent two years in jail in 1966 after his first DUI offense. Forty-five years later, he's racked up 18 more DUIs, the most recent in December.

    Probation officers wanted him to go to jail again, but the judge allowed him to walk away after he expressed interest in alcoholism treatment. But one condition of his release was that he dispose of any alcohol he might have in his home, and he did not.

    Beall claims that he had arranged for a friend to dispose of his alcohol, but they simply hadn't gotten around to it yet.

    There are approximately 14,000 deaths every year on American roads due to drunk driving.

    It is unclear why Beall was allowed to continue driving after so many DUI convictions.