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A Song Of Thanks



    A Song Of Thanks

    Last year alone, Marin-based Bread and Roses put on 600 musical performances for people who wouldn't normally get to see them. They pulled it off with the help of talented volunteers, like Judy Lagomarsino, aka Miss Kitty. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012)

    Judy Lagomarsino always wanted a career in music. She spent years living in Los Angeles in the 1970's pursuing her dream: playing in clubs, singing in bands.

    Still, it wasn't until she moved to the Bay Area, got married, and had a son that Judy discovered the music career she was destined to have: entertaining children.

    Judy is so grateful for all that music has done for her, she's determined to give something back. That's where Bread & Roses, a nonprofit dedicated to uplifting the human spirit through song, comes in.

    To see what Judy does for them (and vice versa) watch Garvin Thomas' story above.