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Accuray Sees Sales Rise as CyberKnife Saves Lives

Medical device sales rise



    Accuray Sees Sales Rise as CyberKnife Saves Lives

    Sunnyvale company seeing success thanks to new high-tech medical device. Scott Budman reports. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013)

    It's a big robot, with an arm that swoops over patients - and then saves their lives.

    The CyberKnife is one of a crop of high-tech medical devices catching on in hospitals all over the world. Made by Sunnyvale's Accuray, the CyberKnife is helping patients a lot these days, while also putting smiles on the faces of Accuray investors.

    The focus of Accuray is radiation treatment. By zeroing in on a tumor, the CyberKnife can zap the specific area needing care, so the patient, instead of getting chemotherapy all over, gets treatment focusing on where it's needed.

    As more CyberKnifes (Knives?...) sell, investors are buying. After an early year slump, shares of Accuray are up, rising ten percent wednesday morning on the strength of the company's latest earning report.

    Along with devices from companies like Intuitive Surgical, Agilent, and Varian Medical Systems, Accuray is showing that Silicon Valley's biotech industry is not just about drugs and software. It's about futuristic looking machines, doing amazing things.

    Scott, who loves biotech, is on Twitter: @scottbudman