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Acupuncture as Cosmetic Surgery

Here's a new/old option for you to take a few years off your face.



    Cosmetic Acupuncture

    An ancient way to treat pain is now the latest way to look younger. (Published Monday, April 25, 2011)

    Kelli Hodge of San Jose just turned 40 and is hoping a practice that’s been around for centuries will take a few years off her face. 

    She is having cosmetic acupuncture in Willow Glen by licensed acupuncturist Rick Bernard who is trained in the practice known as Mei Zen. 

    He places needles in precise locations on the face. "What we are trying to do is create a Micro-trauma under the skin to take advantage of the body’s natural healing process," said Bernard. 

    "Just as your skin heals from a cut, to heal from these tiny needle sticks your body starts making more collagen, which fills in wrinkles." Cosmetic acupuncture has another benefit too. According to Bernard, the procedure wakes up the nerve and gives a natural lifting effect.

    He says he has successfully treated clients vertical lines between the  eyes, and marionette lines, but the deep horizontal lines across the forehead are more challenging to treat. The treatment does not offer the same quick and dramatic results of Botox, but clients say they feel the results are much more natural.  Kelli Hodge says despite the twenty needles in her face, the treatment is not painful. She is happy with the results.

    "I think the wrinkles have diminished, especially the deep set lines below my eyes," said Hodge. 

    Nicki Banucci had ten sessions and is thrilled with the results. "My laugh lines improved completely and I think it has definitely taken off five years," she said.

    Each session costs $105 and Bernard recommends ten sessions to get results that can last from eighteen months to three years.  Clients also often supplement their acupuncture session with LED light therapy sessions to help treat brown spots and redness along with 100 percent chemical free products developed from the line called Authentic Skin.

    Hodge says she would never consider Botox or Plastic Surgery so she appreciates this natural alternative. "I want something natural and authentic to who I am, and this seems to be a safe and easy way to go."

    For more information about cosmetic acupuncture and to see before and after photos go to their Web site.