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Adopt a Chicken



    Adopt a Chicken
    "Kwok Kwok" the chicken

    So maybe your kid has passed the "goldfish test" but you're not quite sure they're ready to take on a puppy. Why not stop by the Sonoma Humane Society and pick up one of 100 chickens that are up for adoption? 

    The Oakland Tribune says the 2-year-old brown and red hens, who have spent their lives producing eggs, are ready to find good homes. They did not, however, say what a "good home" for a chicken might be. I'd say a farm and not someone's apartment, but hey, what do I know?

    "We hope they can spend their retirement years as a companion," said Kiska Icard, Humane Society executive director.

    The hens were rescued from slaughter and a few are missing feathers but expected to recover shortly.

    While the hens are past their prime, you still might be able to squeeze a few eggs out for breakfast once in awhile.

    So if your grandpa is lonely and needs a friendly pet to take for walks in the park, perhaps consider getting him a chicken.

    Adoption costs $10 and will be available starting Wednesday.