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Ads for Anti-Graffiti Movie Defines Irony

Anti-graffiti crews in San Francisco are kept busy removing posters for a film about anti-graffiti vigilantes



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    Murals like these in the Mission District are OK, but not ads for a documentary film which are popping up nearby to the annoyance of graffiti removal crews.

    Call the irony police. It's situation silly critical.

    Graffiti cleanup crews in San Francisco are being kept busy cleaning up ads for a documentary film, illegally posted and painted throughout the city. The film, as it happens, is about anti-graffiti vigilantes, according to the San Francisco Appeal.

    The Department of Public Works has a hard time keeping up with the regular flow of graffiti, so the wheat-pasted posters in the Mission District and elsewhere advertising of the movie are an unwelcome distraction.

    DPW officials have asked filmmakers for the movie -- "Vigilante, Vigilante: The Battle for Expression" -- to intervene. Meanwhile, citizens are asked to report sightings of the poster to 311.