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After Two Years, Cat Reunited With San Rafael Family

A housecat is back with his family following a two-year sojourn.



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    An orange tabby, not pictured, was brought home after two years in the wild.

    The cat came back -- not quite the very next day, but the cat did come back.

    After a two-year absence, Turner, an 11-year old orange tabby, was reunited with his San Rafael family this week, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

    He was found by a feral cat rescue group about five miles away from his home, foraging near the Terrapin Crossroads restaurant.  He was brought in to the Marin Humane Society, and his owners were located thanks to a microchip.

    Owner David Hafner's daughters, now 10, 9, and 7, cried when their cat left two years ago. And now that he's back -- they're crying again, with joy, he said.

    The paper said the cat was a present to Hafner's wife upon her first pregnancy. A year after leaving, the family glimpsed him briefly but were unable to retrieve their beloved pet.