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"Plane Clipper" Coming to SFO

Planet's largest plane begins flights to and from SFO



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    Air France's bully-plane begins flights out of SFO.

    The world's largest jetliner, Air France's A380, will soon be flying to San Francisco.

    Air France will be operating the Airbus on San Francisco flights to Paris from June 6 though September 4, ten times a week.

    The massive double-deck aircraft can hold 538 passengers, in three classes: La Premiere, Business and Voyager/Economy.

    SFO is one of the few airports in the U.S. capable of accommodating the A380's vast moving footprint, says Cheapflights.com.

    This is a good thing, considering JFK had a little trouble with the A380 earlier this week, when it clipped a smaller Delta Connection aircraft while taxiing out for takeoff.