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Alan Blueford Killing Justified: DA Report

Alan Blueford was shot three times.



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    Jodi Hernandez
    Oakland Police Department

    The Oakland police officer who shot and killed a man back in May will not face criminal charges.

    That is the conclusion of an independent report issued by the Alameda County District Attorney's office Tuesday.

    The Oakland Tribune got its hands on the 18-page report that concluded the officer who pulled the trigger had an "actual and reasonable belief that he or others in the area were about to be shot by Mr. Blueford."

    Alan Blueford was shot and killed by an Oakland police officer just after midnight on May 6.

    Police said Blueford was transported to a hospital, where he died.

    His family has disputed the police accounts, including whether Blueford was armed and whether he was ever taken to a hospital.

    The Tribune reported that Blueford's DNA and fingerprints were on the gun found at the scene.

    Today the Oakland Police Department released a statement that read in part, "While the report concludes that neither the facts nor the law warrant the filing of charges against the officer, and it succinctly recounts the circumstances surrounding the incident, the Department’s Internal Affairs Investigation remains open, and we are unable to further comment on the findings."

    "I expect my officers to encounter dangerous situations during the course of their work," Police Chief Howard Jordan stated. Adding, "Removing firearms from the street is a core component in addressing the violence this City faces, and my expectation includes that they survive those encounters. Because of the inherent danger of their jobs, it is more important - and not less - to provide the training, resources, and practices that allows and requires officers to provide beneficial, lawful, and Constitutional policing to the City of Oakland and its community."

    The case is not over. Blueford's family has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Oakland.