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Alleged Nun-Stalker Heads to Prison

A man said to stalk nuns in the Tenderloin is headed to prison.



    Alleged Nun-Stalker Heads to Prison
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    Would you stalk a nun?

    Roll the nun puns.

    A Tenderloin man who allegedly stalked a group of French nuns at a San Francisco neighborhood soup kitchen is headed to prison after he missed a court date, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Dion Taylor, 44, allegedly spent three days  "creep[ing] out the nuts at 54 Turk St." in November, the newspaper reported. Taylor's misdeeds included entreaties to the nuns to sleep with and kiss him, urinating as they walked past, and exposing himself to the nuns from outside the soup kitchen window, the newspaper reported.

    Taylor denied all charges related to nun-stalking, but agreed to serve a year in county jail instead of three years in state prison, the newspaper reported. Instead, he missed a court date, and will now head to prison.

    He was arrested on a drug charge in the Tenderloin, the newspaper reported. His attorney say that he's a chronically homeless man who "acted bizarrely." In the meantime, Taylor has mailed "numerous hand-written letters" to the newspaper "professing his innocence," according to the Ex.