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Amazon Ad Features Gay Married Couple

Yeah, that's my husband. So?



    Amazon Ad Features Gay Married Couple
    Amazon Kindle ad.

    The newest Amazon advertisement is for the company's Kindle. But what's even more interesting about the ad (sorry, Kindle fans) is that it features a gay marriage.

    At the end of the ad where two people talk about Kindles, a woman points out (to a man) that her husband is getting her a drink. No problem, says the Kindle man fan, "so is mine."

    And, you know what? It's no problem. At least, hardly an issue for the ad itself. Had it been a woman and a man at the bar (i.e., "my husband and my wife"), I imagine the ending would have still been the same - celebrating Kindles, and about to get drinks from the bar.

    Here's the ad, with thanks to

    What do you think? Seems like Amazon is not too worried about any politics, just pointing out that holy toledo, gay people and  straight people like e-books.

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