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Amazon Gets Access to Captive Audience on Delta Airlines

Online retailer gets clearance to sell goods in the air.



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    Delta will allow Amazon to sell products to its passengers.

    For all of us frequent fliers the days of listlessly leafing through that dog-eared copy the inflight-shopping catalog are over. At least on Delta Airlines. The airline just announced consumers will soon have free access to as part of its overall Wi-Fi service.

    Those who wish to shop simply have to access the Delta Connect web portal and click on an Amazon banner ad and you are cleared for shopping during your flight. With thousands of items in their online storefront, and plenty of time on your hands, you can finally research the best kind of vacuum cleaner, flat-screen TV or garden tools you have been itching to buy.

    Perhaps you are a bit more practically minded and will download an app, video or eBook to entertain you during a long flight.

    Both parties to the deal stand to benefit. Amazon will have access to a new kind of captive audience who might purchase products, and Delta makes headway towards its goal of offering competitive technology services to its customers.

    Delta has embraced in-flight Wi-Fi for years now through GoGo, but for regular Internet access you will be charged a fee based on a variety of payment plans. Further investment in their tech offerings is seen as a way to put them in the same league as major international carriers offering wide ranges of entertainment offerings.

    With over 800 Delta aircraft offering Wi-Fi odds are you will be on one of the planes that has the free access, so I bid you fair flying and happy shopping!

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