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    Pouring glass of red wine is getting ready to go into the wine business. The online retailor plans to launch the new program in the coming weeks, just in time for the holiday season according to the Wall Street Journal.

    This is not the first time Amazon has tried to enter the wine business. In 2009, the company was prepared to launch, but its wine partner, New Vine Logistics, was having financial trouble. The plan was scrapped before it even started.

    This time, Amazon is going directly to the wine makers. It met with Napa vintners on Sept. 24. In this new plan, all Amazon would do is offer a marketplace for the wine; it would be up to the wineries to ship the product.

    Wineries interested in taking part in Amazon’s plan would have to pay a 15 percent commission on sales and a monthly fee of about $40.

    Some wine industry members say because alcohol laws vary so much from state to state this new venture may not work.

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