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Ambert Alert Based on a Lie: Investigators



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    An official with the Sutter County Sheriff's Department said a missing Live Oak girl was not abducted, but was instead picked up by her boyfriend.

    Elvia Flores, 14, remained missing as of Wednesday morning. She disappeared on Monday from Live Oak High School.

    "It has been determined at this point that Miss Flores was picked by her boyfriend after she walked away from the high school after being dropped off by her mother," sheriff's Lt. James Casner said. "This has been substantiated by witness statements and text messages Miss Flores sent to acquaintances."

    Authorities earlier were told that Flores and her friend, 14-year-old Elizabeth Felix, were abducted by a group of men from in front of the high school campus.

    Felix is maintaining that she did not willingly go with Flores and her boyfriend.

    Felix turned up Monday afternoon at the USA gas station in Orland.

    Meanwhile, Flores' family contends that the girl does not have a boyfriend.

    Anyone who has seen Flores should contact the Sutter County Sheriff's Department at 530-822-7307.

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