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American to Move 270 Pilots from SFO

Flights are not expected to be affected by the move.



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    American Airlines and the American Pilots' Association have been in labor negotiations for five years.

    American Airlines is moving 270 pilots away from San Francisco International airport, according to a release. The move comes amid the seeming end-game of a five-year labor negotiation with the American Pilots' Association.

    Attrition and a lack of a "temporary bridge proposal" with the pilots' union has led American to move their SFO-based pilots, the release reads. There is no firm date for the move and American Airlines' flights in and out of SFO will not be affected, according to a spokesman.

    "We are working with the [American Pilots' Association] to try to minimize the impact (pilots) will see from this closure, and I expect specifics to be available soon," John Hale, vice president of flight at American, said in the statement.

    A deal with the union is reportedly imminent, with APA leadership expressing "the current environment may well represent our best opportunity to date to conclude bargaining."

    American is the nation's third-largest airline.