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An Early Christmas

Huge Donation Good News For Needy Kids



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    Damian Trujillo

    Christmas arrived early for the Sacred Heart Community Services Agency in San Jose.

    In November, we showed you pictures of lines that stretched around the block. These are folks registering for a turkey and a Thanks giving meal.

    "People say the economy is turning the corner," said Sacred Heart CEO Poncho Guevara at the time. "I'll believe it when I don't see a line of people in need turning the corner and around the block."

    Mike Fulton heard those words, and saw the pictures of the long lines.

    Fulton is also a banker.

    He's President of Comerica Bank's Western Market. 

    Friday, Fulton showed up at sacred Heart with a check for $14,000 on behalf of Comerica Bank.

    "It feels really good," Fulton told NBC Bay Area. 'We want to do a lot more of this."

    "This is really a special present for so many families coming to us this Holiday Season," said Guevara.

    Guevara said the money will be used partly to buy toys for the 5,000 children who register with sacred Heart. 

    Fulton also volunteered in the clothing department at Sacred Heart, where the needy go through the racks looking for free second and third-hand clothing.

    Fulton was moved again.

    "One woman came in and just wanted warm clothing for her two little girls. She didn't care what they looked like, just (wanted it to be) warm)," said Fulton.

    Sacred Heart knows the check won't eliminate poverty, or solve all the problems facing the local community.

    But Guevara knows it will do a lot to let those in need know someone cares.